Flies is a species of insects that uses only one pair of wings to take flight and another set of wings for balance. There are about 120,000 different types of flies all over the world. The most common fly to us would be the house fly and they are a carrier of many dangerous diseases


The house fly makes up almost 91% of all flies in human habitations. The house fly is not only found in our area, but also they can be found all over the world. They are known to carry many diseases. 

Fly Control 

  • You should set fly traps around your home. 
  • You could also consider a fly light trap.
  • You should also keep all trash sealed.
  • Also keep your countertops, floors and other surfaces clean. 
  • Be sure that doors and windows are completely shut to prevent them from coming into your home.
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fly trap toofly

FlyWeb Features:

  • 24 Hour, non-chemical silent trapping
  • Color is a off white finish
  • One Disposable 3×5 inch adhesive panel
  • Covers 600 sq. ft.(20 lineal feet)
  • 9 watts of Ultra Violet Insect Attraction
  • UL-CUL listed – 115v-60hz, direct plug-in
  • FDA & USDA accepted under current code
  • Dimensions: 3.5 in W x 10.5in H x 1.75in D

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